VENICE BEACH is a summer watch model created for the ARISTOCRAZY Spring Summer 2019 collection.

Based on the famous neighborhood of Los Angeles (California) it brings together all the character of the area, the cheerful colors influenced by the 90’s, the golden curves that are enhanced exuberantly and its crown as an element that stands out in its decoration.

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All the backcase of the watches have an illustration drawn by hand and engraved on the steel. These illustrations show some of the most important and remarkable aspects of the neighborhood that inspires the watch, aspects that have inspired me when designing the watch and that have to be reflected and be part of it.

These illustrations are also used for the watch communication. They are placed inside the store displays, in shop windows, on the web and in social media. For them, special illustrations are created that are capable of transmitting the spirit of the watch and accompany the product throughout its sale.