MATILDA is a special furniture to show the watches collection in the store. Create for the Aristocrazy’s stores. Oak, leather and brass.

This piece of furniture has two drawers to display watches and a third drawer to store samples.

The glass top allows you to see the watches from any angle, as well as making the cabinet much lighter.

The hand-sewn leather handles make this piece of furniture unique due to its design and the quality of its materials. Adding a nice touch during the user experience.

Inside the drawers there is a leather tray, which is housed in the display itself, but allows it to be removed in order to serve the customer.


An awesome product have to show it in a incredible display

The Serious Gentleman



Here you can find some sketches and different samples in the process. Fast renders to create a palette color, and lines drawings to watch the proportion. 


IMPORTANT: The quality of these render are really low because it is just to see the look, nothing more. 😉